Today, after having a late breakfast, getting on Wi-Fi and doing a lot of posting and emails, and ordering sandwiches to go from a cafe, we rented a stick-shift truck and drove around half the island. We went to the end of the road, so to speak. The road ended in a small village called Hakamaii. All the villages on Ua Pou start with “H”: Hakahau, Hakahetau, Haakuti, Hakatau, Hakamaii, Hakatau and Hohoi. The day in AC was pure bliss.

We had lunch at a beach cove that had picturesque turquoise water. Brent had read that someone who wrote a travelogue about the island named this cove Shark Cove because he saw tons of Black-tipped Reef Sharks there. We saw a few too.
Life in one of the smallest villages must be like a step back in time, but everyone seems happy. Maybe what you don’t know won’t hurt you. It’s weird how much Western influence there is…even here is such a remote place. The cafe this morning was playing American 80’s music. The little markets sell all kinds of American brands of packaged foods and drinks, as well as French and British things too. Cheetos cost $7 for a small bag, but Brie is cheap in comparison. We saw Kind peanut butter granola for $22 a bag – wow!

We drove past an airstrip that didn’t really have any buildings, so we couldn’t call it an airport. We noticed that the road was paved up to the airstrip, but was only paved in sections after it – the rest of the road was dirt.

The ride was bumpy, but not as bad as when we rented the little Renault on Nuku-Hiva that could barely go uphill. That car seemed to have only 2 cylinders.

Marnie tried so many times to get a good shot of all seven the pinnacles that stand in the center of the island, but a ring of clouds surround them almost continually. It was never really clear enough to see all of them at one time.

The next morning, we used the rental truck to fill up and transport a Gerry can of diesel fuel and then returned it at the dingy dock.

It was such a nice day! I might have liked the AC more than anything else…but the views and villages were pretty nice too😚

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