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Give Me More Mo’orea

Give Me More Mo’orea With Kyle and Alyssa onboard, we made the 3 hour passage from Papeete Marina, to Oponohu Bay on Mo’orea. The seas were rollie and not what we were hoping for our new crew’s first passage. Despite taking bonine, they were looking a little green and queasy by the time we dropped anchor. It passed soon enough though and amazement of how clear the water is in the anchorage took over ... Read More

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Underrated Tahiti

A Visit to Civilization in Tahiti Getting a slip in the Papeete Marina was a welcome relief for me from our new life of cruising and conservation. In fact, it was like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It’s not that I don’t think it’s good to conserve power and water and eliminate waste that gets thrown in the trash. It’s that I’m still getting used to this new lifestyle ... Read More

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Hiva-Oa Oasis

Hiva-Oa 4/14 Day of Transit: Sailing from Ua-Pou to Hiva-Oa was fairly uneventful, even though we had to bash upwind the whole way. The sunrise happened on my watch and it is something I now look forward to. Pods of dolphins joined us periodically after we had brighter sunlight to pick-up our spirits as we got closer to our next island. After 17 hours, we arrived. It was fairly choppy sailing all the way into ... Read More

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Unexpected Ua-Pou

Today, after having a late breakfast, getting on Wi-Fi and doing a lot of posting and emails, and ordering sandwiches to go from a cafe, we rented a stick-shift truck and drove around half the island. We went to the end of the road, so to speak. The road ended in a small village called Hakamaii. All the villages on Ua Pou start with “H”: Hakahau, Hakahetau, Haakuti, Hakatau, Hakamaii, Hakatau and Hohoi. The ... Read More

Unexpected Ua-Pou2022-05-17T18:17:52-07:00
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