The Pacific crossing started out cold from San Diego. It gradually warmed up over the course of a little more than a week. Early in the voyage, several large fish bit on the line, but were lost early in the process. Of course, the fish story was that they were HUGE! Eventually, one Skip Jack Tuna was caught and that fed the crew for several days. 

As the temps increased, so did the wind. At one point, the wind was gusting at 50-60 knots. Although the main sail was reefed twice, this put a lot of stress on the sails. Brent put in an order with his personal Amazon delivery person – Beth, for more sail slides and shackles to do repairs once they arrive in the Marquesas. 

The winds calmed and the crew prepared to cross the Equator, where the doldrums began and virtually no wind was to be had for several days. There was a small celebration around 4 AM , where the crew donned their matching T-shirts and transitioned from Polliwogs to Shellbacks in the age-old tradition of maritime voyagers. 

The last sunset in the Northern Hemisphere was notable as the crew looked forward to the wind picking up again and getting them to their destination.

And just like that, the wind picked up a lot and accelerated their arrival date by 2 days. Land was spotted and the crew eagerly began to anticipate what they would do once they were on land again. Steel Away arrived in Nuku-Hiva on March 26, 2022! 

Brent hoisted the flag of French Polynesia upon checking into the country.

Thanks for the safe passage Neptune!

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